DONAUHOTEL, Hotel Garni, Neu-Ulm, Germany

We stayed for two nights at Donauhotel, Hotel Garni in Neu-Ulm.

Positive Points:
1. Location. The hotel was close to the centre of town and both train stations.
2. Reasonable buffet breakfast.
3. Free WiFi was available in our room.
Negative Points:
1. Price. Over-priced for such a dated and spartan room. It looked like it had last been refurbished in 1975.
2. Small and pokey bathroom.
3. Disturbed by building works. During our stay the hallways floors were covered in plastic to keep the flooring underneath clean because there were workmen carrying out various jobs including requiring the ceiling lights. The bare light bulbs were left dangling, and low, all along the corridor leading to the bedrooms.
While we appreciate that essential work has to be done, it wasn’t necessary to do everywhere at once. As it was low season, with fewer guests, they should have closed half of the rooms off at a time to complete the work. This would have caused much less noise etc. for the hotel guests.
We wouldn’t stay at Donauhotel, Hotel Garni in Neu-Ulm, Germany again. It was too expensive, not good value for our money.

Hotel Garni
Augsburger Str. 34
89231 Neu-Ulm

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