Restaurant at Chateau Namur, Namur, Belgium

We ate dinner one evening during our stay at Chateau Namur.
We’d read about the food, and restaurant, and seen lots of photos of the meals, so we were looking forward to a pleasant dinner.
We ate a very small lunch, so that we’d enjoy our evening meal.

We chose the Chefs Menu, which consisted of four courses.
The waiters were very young, and obviously keen to do everything correctly, the service was good.
We ordered a bottle of red wine, and a bottle of still mineral water.
The first course we were served was a tiny round of smoked salmon, with a cashew nut on top, served on a piece of slate. The salmon was pleasant enough, although it also had a few other ingredients mixed through it, but no idea what why the chef added the cashew nut.

This first course was followed by another, which consisted of two dishes. One large dish was placed in front of us which had so many things in it I can’t remember them all. I do remember, tiny pieces of Chinese gooseberries, tomato, onion, and various other things, on top of this was pâté, and on top of the pâté was a small slice of fresh fig.
The second part of this course, was served on a piece of slate, which was placed next to the large dishes in front of us. The slate also had pâté on it, and something that is not easy to describe; it was a cake-like sliver, sweet, crunchy, topped with Chinese gooseberries and tomatoes. It tasted like Christmas, very festive.

The net course was soup. This was pretty much as you’d expect, a bowl of soup. A large bowl, not much content. It was obviously mushroom soup, but as with the previous course there was lots going on with it. It was quite cold, and very salty.
The main course arrived a long time after we’d finished the soup. It was so long after that we were thinking about going to bed.
The main course was fish, I can’t remember what fish it was. The late looked quite colourful as once again the chef had added lots of components. I can’t remember everything that was on the plate, and all of the photos I shot of the food are out of focus – bleary eyed from tiredness, but I do remember a coupe of minuscule shrimps, Brussel sprouts, a few smudges of something orange? maybe pumpkin? Also on the plate was a buttery sauce which the fish was lounging on, and there was a spring-roll, filled with several things, the main one of which tasted like seaweed. The spring-roll was very greasy. To accompany the main course we were served a small glass of potato wedges, and a dish of sauce of some kind.

Dessert was a choice of Creme brûlée, or cheese. Laura chose the Creme brûlée, I chose cheese. Laura ate one tiny mouthful of her desert, which she said was more than enough, as it was the worst Creme brûlée she’s ever had. It was pink, possibly raspberry, lumpy, and the topping wasn’t crunchy as you’d expect.
The cheese was wheeled to our table on a large trolley. The selection of cheese looked good at first glance, but as the waiter told me what was offer I was not impressed. Basically a couple of hard cows milk cheeses and a couple of soft. Also on the trolley were fresh grapes; green and black. We’d seen other diners being served a large number if grapes, but as there were only a few green grapes left, that’s what I was given. There was dried fruit too, figs, apricots, and dates, as well as honey and chutney.

Er, what can I say about our dinner?
It was without doubt memorable, but not for good reasons.
The chef probably can cook, but it’s difficult to tell from this meal. It was all too much. Every course had way too many ingredients, most of which did not work together well, or at all.
He obviously doesn’t agree with the less is more approach.
Having looked forward to our dinner all day we were both very disappointed.
We returned to our room after dinner, and unfortunately the dinner continued to return to us, the immense mixture of foods and flavours repeating on us all through the night.
As I said, we’d read good things about the restaurant at chateau Namur, but it was not good. Maybe the chef was having an off day?
We noticed some of the other diners were also unimpressed with the food.
We would not eat there again, once was once too much.

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